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        The invention of papermaking is China's major contribution to mankind, and paper is an indispensable and important product for people's work, study and life. Traditional papermaking has caused a shortage of global forest resources due to excessive felling of trees. The papermaking production process has caused intractable environmental pollution and negative impacts on the ecological environment, which has attracted the attention of all mankind.
        Take inorganic powder (mainly calcium carbonate) as the main raw material, add a small amount of synthetic resin and chemical additives, and adopt advanced technology to produce new environmentally friendly synthetic paper. This is a new variety of paper, it can be used in printing, packaging, cardboard and various labels and other fields, with excellent paper characteristics and environmental performance.
        Synthetic paper is called "unbreakable" paper. At present, it is commonly called "stone paper" or "stone plastic paper". The name "synthetic paper" is more scientific. Synthetic paper has been used in Europe, America and Japan for over 30 years. With many years of development history, domestic trial production began more than ten years ago. At that time, due to the upside down of the market price of the production of ordinary paper and synthetic paper, they could not be widely promoted in the domestic market.
        The promotion and application of SPC paper will bring broad prospects for sustainable development to my country's development of a low-carbon economy and building an environmentally friendly society. Due to the wide range of application areas of stone plastic paper (printing, decoration, packaging, etc.), some domestic manufacturers are already producing it. At present, the more suitable domestic production process can adopt the production of special blended modified materials, then use the casting/calendering process, and carry out surface treatment to produce synthetic paper. The inorganic powder in the synthetic paper produced by this process accounts for 60% to 80% of the product quality. The production efficiency is high, the practicality is advanced and reasonable, and the product variety can be adjusted according to market needs.
              Stone plastic paper is a plastic modified paper product produced by combining resin, inorganic powder, and chemical additives. A large number of inorganic powders occupies an important share in the product, but resins and additives play a key role, so the name "stone paper" in the society is called, our recently developed PLA/CaCO3 synthetic paper, which uses sweet potatoes, corn, etc. Polylactic acid produced from crops is used as a carrier, instead of synthetic resin produced from petroleum resources. The synthetic paper produced is used for packaging in food, daily chemicals, medicine, etc. The product can be degraded naturally after use, which solves the problem of synthetic paper and ordinary Paper is not suitable for recycling at the same time. The product also has obvious product hygiene and greenness. It is a low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally friendly product that the country mainly supports for the development of a circular economy.
                Here, if friends from all walks of life are interested in learning more about the production process and equipment of the "stone-paper" project, Juli welcomes your calls, letters or visit Nanjing Juli Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. to discuss and exchange ideas about the production of "stone-paper". Technology and equipment matters!

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